"This book has been thoroughly child-tested and warmly approved..."

"In the rollicking verse of The Beastie Book, Penny Harter creates stupendously ridiculous new animals never seen before, and swaggeringly colorful illustrations fit the poems like gloves. This book has been thoroughly child-tested and warmly approved (by several of my grandchildren).

poet, anthologist, and bestselling author of children's literature–X. J. Kennedy

"We sat down and read the poems A through Z."

The Beastie Book: An Alphabestiary was written by New Jersey author, Penny Harter and illustrated by New Jersey resident Alexandra Miller. The Beastie Book is a unique and dreamlike imaginary voyage through the alphabet. Each letter is expressed in a poem about a mythical beastie creature. Each poem is accompanied by a visually lush illustration. A little added surprise -each letter is hidden in the poem's illustration. When I received the book, I showed my 6 year old daughter. She immediately was drawn to the art work. We sat down and read the poems A through Z. She adored the silly beastie poems and enjoyed searching for the hidden letter. After we read the book, she scurried away and put in her room where her favorite books go (the place where she hides thing from her younger sister). At bedtime, we read the book again. The following day, she was teaching her class of dolls and animals about the alphabet using the book. My daughter's reaction to the book speaks volumes - pun intended. I think the uniqueness of it's poems and illustrations captivate the young imagination - an the older one. My Macaronies gave it their seal of approval and so did this Macaroni Mom. 

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"...a whimsical and silly alphabetical romp through the world of beasts."

The Beastie Book: An Alphabestiary is a whimsical and silly alphabetical romp through the world of beasts. Weird and wonderful beasts, from the Apple-clop to the Zeedunk, are each celebrated in page-long verse accompanied by beautiful, lavishly colored pen-and-ink illustrations on the facing page.

It should be noted that the beasts featured here are mild-mannered and quite pleasant. Take the Brahkey, for instance:
“When you meet a Brahkey
She’ll offer you some tea
And ask you for a bedtime tale
Beneath the Bumble tree.”
The accompanying illustration shows an ageless girl/woman figure in long blonde braids, curled up in her bed under giant tree roots and contentedly listening to a bedtime story read by a cheerful, rosy-cheeked young child.

And what young person could not empathize with the Oopsy:
“The Oopsy ties her shoes wrong
And never combs her hair
Sometimes she doesn’t brush her teeth
Or clean her messy lair.”
Indeed, none of the beasts featured here is likely to do you more harm than gnawing on your shoe or perhaps challenging you to a snowball fight. The Beastie Book is a bedtime book about monstrous beasts that is sure to generate chuckles, not nightmares. 

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