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Flowers for Pudding Street by Christine Mannone Carolan (Shenanigan Books, $15.95, ages 4-8) In this sweet story told with economy, charm and whimsical illustrations, no one knows who planted the sunflowers that made Pudding Street worthy of the Garden Club's Award. The gentle mystery grows and grows until the last page reveals the secret.

Joanna H. Kraus –– Contra Costa Times

"...amazing ways that flowers and trees are planted and grow."

"Flowers for Pudding Street" is a lovely children's book about amazing ways that flowers and trees are planted and grow. Mis Violet from the garden club presents the residents of Pudding Street with an award for "Prettiest Flowers," but little does she guess that a special dog named Dakota and his bird friend are the real secret gardeners who plant the prettiest flowers! "Flowers for Pudding Street" is filled with charm and whimsical illustrations help the story flow to its obvious and gently hilarious conclusion. "Flowers for Pudding Street" will appeal to children ages 4-8.

Midwest Book Review

"Sunflowers are blooming up and down Pudding Street..."

Sunflowers are blooming up and down Pudding Street, but who planted them? Although the first-person text proposes various community members, such as the farmer, the grocer, the baker, the paperboy, and the florists, it does not spell out the answer. But much of the story is told in the illustrations, and somewhere in each scene children can observe the actions of a white dog and a black bird that occasionally pecks sunflower seeds from flower heads and seed bags. The rich, warm artwork shows enormous vitality in its stylized characterizations and pleasing compositions. The answer to the story’s mystery may be too subtle for younger children, but as the introductory author’s note points out, people are not the only planters of seeds. A fine companion to nonfiction picture books on seed dispersal, such as Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move (2008). 

Carolyn Phelan – Booklist

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