"A trip to the shore calls for "The Book of Mermaids"

A trip to the shore calls for The Book of Mermaids. Author/illustrator Patricia Saxton draws from many cultures and her own imagination to create a fanciful picture book on merfolk arts, language and family life. These sea creatures (half fish, half human) were revered in ancient times as powerful gods and continue to surface in popular culture. Youngsters will have a great time learning about mermaids' mystical tools (pearls and blue stones), weaving their own mermaid tales and poring over Saxton's shimmering mixed-media illustrations, which further heighten the magical quality of these legendary beings. 

Mary Quattlebaum-Washington Parent

"...the underwater world that seems only a tail-flick away."

For any girl who knows in her heart that mermaids simply and surely must exist, The Book of Mermaids is a must have. Not only does it confirm everything she always knew to be true, it gives a fantastic view, rippling with romance and realism, into the underwater world that seems only a tail-flick away. From merlore and history to details about merfamilies, merfashions and merfestivals, this book is a celebration of fantasy worthy of a reading during Jewel Time festivities. Beautiful, murky water-colored illustrations give a glimpse into a world we all wish to be real.

Tracy Games McCafferty-Library, American International School, Vienna, Austria

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